NAVA Salud is the easy, effective way to make appointments at medical clinics

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About NAVA Salud

NAVA Salud makes the experience of waiting in queue for your clinical appointment easier. Using our app, you can locate medical clinics best suited to your needs, in terms of proximity and services offered. Once you have chosen your clinic, you can use our app to book your appointment and wait online. As your appointment approaches, we will send you reminders to ensure that you arrive at the clinic on time.

In addition, you can use our app to book and manage appointments with your family physician and your specialist.

As partners of some of leading medical clinics, we are committed to removing all barriers that stand between you and the best healthcare. By choosing a clinic associated with NAVA, you can avoid the anxieties of long waiting periods.

How it works!


Registration, wait and check-in to minimize the long wait time at
Walk-in Clinics.

Fully Digital

Connecting Patients and Walk-in Clinics using internet enabled devices.

Ease of Use

Locate Walk-in Clinics, book appointment and wait online. We will inform you when it’s your time to visit the clinic.


Book and manage all your appointments with your family physician or your specialist.

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